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August 20, 2015
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The 3 C’s in Sales

Confidence. If you exude confidence, even if you lack substance, people will listen. If you have both, combined with an above average product, you will be very successful. If your confidence is superficial and there to disguise your lack of substance, it will soon become apparent… unless, of course, you are only selling to like-minded individuals. Operations people that cross over to sales can be powerful representatives for your company. They can take a consultative […]
August 4, 2015
Brand, Design, Advertising

What’s in a name?

Over the last 27 years I’ve been involved in many revamps to company brands, hundreds probably…mostly in the transportation sector. When it comes to physically changing the name, I’ve done much less. Why? In the B2B world, the equity in your company lies in the name, not the physical look of your brand. As a matter of fact, you could change the look of your brand daily with very little negative effect other than the […]
July 17, 2015

There’s always somethin’

I have this statement engraved on my PM coffee mug and it is the title of one of the songs on my next album. It’s what I say these days when a sweet day turns a little sour, when a blue sky turns to gray, when I misplace my keys, or the dog doesn’t make it outside in time…you get the drill. It’s all about managing your expectations and not getting too disappointed when things […]
July 10, 2015

What goes around comes around

  Hard to believe we’ve been at this since 1988. I started out being younger than all my clients but that is certainly no longer the case. Our team is young and talented though and our work stands up against just about any yardstick you care to measure us by…something I’m very thankful for. Before I started this company I had set up an internal marketing department for a large air freight forwarder. I’m not […]
February 24, 2015

Things have changed

Things have changed…again! From our perspective, your online marketing is a detail you need to look at more seriously due to the ease, popularity and importance of the various digital media available. Aligning your online message with the reality of who your company is today and where you want to go in the future, matters more than ever. Most businesses have grown and survived because they do a great job, service their customers well, establish […]
December 5, 2014

A Night at the Royal York

I’ve been going to the TTC Annual Dinners for as long as I’ve had my business, 27 years. I enjoy seeing the people in the industry, many I’ve known for decades. The Annual Gala is steeped with tradition and it was a record attendance for the Royal York last night. The club attendance was about 50% more than the population of my home town of Hartland, NB. Ben Mulroney was the guest speaker, about a […]
November 13, 2014

I love fresh thinking

We’ve been doing a little reorganizing at our office and made space for a treat table of sorts. Often people bring in donuts or muffins and now we have a designated place to share these snacks, healthy and not so healthy, with our team. When I was doing my weekend shop Dads cookies were on sale and so I picked up a couple of bags for the office. I hadn’t purchased anything like this in […]
November 7, 2014

A Good Start to the Day

On my way in to work each morning, I typically start my day with a drive thru coffee at Tim Hortons. I have 2 potential spots on my drive from the Kipling Queensway area in Toronto to the airport area. The first is on the south side of Queensway, just a few minutes down the road. I can see the drive thru lane as I approach the entrance and if it’s good, I pull into […]
June 9, 2014

Life is a game of inches

I recently watched an old Pacino movie “Any Given Sunday”. Somewhere in the body of the film, there’s a motivational speech about how the game (in this case football) is won an inch at a time. It really stuck with me. After thinking more about it and relating it to my own experiences, I broke down life’s problem solving situations to 3 approaches: Door #1:  We come up against an obstacle and by hanging with it, work our […]

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