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Social media! Our company needs to get social… But we don’t know why


You’re a little late to the party.


If you don’t have an in-house champion, it’s a party invitation you need to rip up and throw away (or recycle).

A little blunt but it’s a truth you need to hear. We acted as a full outsource for social media for a few years with some success but always with the intention of passing the accounts over to our clients. They needed to learn the ropes and when they felt confident in their understanding, be set free.

You may be late to the party but it’s fashionably late if you do things right.

First and foremost figure out why you want to delve into the world of social media. Your answer better not be “because that’s what the cool kids are doing”.

Recruitment? Company culture? Sales? Brand recognition? Choose your platforms accordingly and start thinking of the kind of content you will post now… before you start.

A content calendar will save your life.

In addition to communicating within your online communities, you need to offer opinions and post original content that people actually want to read. Do NOT use social media as a tool for hard-sales. Share knowledge and expertise and make sure it’s related to your overall goals. Don’t get caught staring at the screen, not knowing what to say.

Make sure you trust your champion to represent your company as you would. If they don’t have the power to make decisions and respond, the process will get bogged down and so will your effectiveness.

Again, as with all things advertising and marketing, it comes down to strategy, creativity and execution.


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