The 3 C’s in Sales

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Confidence. If you exude confidence, even if you lack substance, people will listen. If you have both, combined with an above average product, you will be very successful. If your confidence is superficial and there to disguise your lack of substance, it will soon become apparent… unless, of course, you are only selling to like-minded individuals. Operations people that cross over to sales can be powerful representatives for your company. They can take a consultative approach and discover solutions that the “How are the wife and kids” sales person can’t get to. As an observer, I see more and more of these hybrid individuals rising up through the ranks and in today’s commoditized world, they are in high demand.

Caring. I’ve worked with and for a wide range of sales personalities over my career. Business people tend to have high skills in reading people and in my opinion you can’t fake genuine caring. Individuals that truly care about serving their customers stand out from the crowd, gain client trust quickly and shorten the sales cycle dramatically. We are lucky to have such individuals in our ranks now and I can tell you it’s a highly successful characteristic.
I had an individual here in the past that seemed to care. The truth is, how they looked to the client drove every decision. To maintain their confidence, they didn’t knock on new doors, tended to be an order taker, afraid to pave new roads. This type of individual is not an asset in today’s business environment. Caring about your customer and your company…that’s the ticket!

Consistency. A consistent effort and temperament wins the day. We all have good and bad days, get disappointed and let down. Some individuals roll with the punches better than others. Some have a gregarious game face and then turn from super charming to pointing fingers and laying blame in a heartbeat. These roller coaster personalities can drive you batty and can be a cancer in your company. You can’t get rid of them too soon.
Your customers and your company need people that go the extra mile as required but still address the day to day. They listen, learn and create strong relationships and trust…that’s genuine. Sales is a tough job that requires you to wear many hats-problem solver, diplomat, researcher, negotiator and friend. You make good notes, communicate well, follow up as promised and the very best ones listen 3 times as much as they talk.

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