There’s always somethin’

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What goes around comes around
July 10, 2015
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What’s in a name?
August 4, 2015


I have this statement engraved on my PM coffee mug and it is the title of one of the songs on my next album. It’s what I say these days when a sweet day turns a little sour, when a blue sky turns to gray, when I misplace my keys, or the dog doesn’t make it outside in time…you get the drill.

It’s all about managing your expectations and not getting too disappointed when things take a wrong turn. It’s accepting that perfect doesn’t exist so let’s aim for near perfect and roll with the punches life sends our way.

I first became familiar with the concept as a young man out on my own for the first time. I was 19 and camping in a park in Long Beach California, the first part of January. As a naive young buck from New Brunswick I had some idealic thought of living on the beach for the winter before making my way home. Within 2 days I got a visit from a couple of State Troopers threatening to arrest me for some trumped up charge if I didn’t make my way out of there pronto. That’s the first significant “There’s always somethin’ I recall. It was followed by running out of money, picking rocks in the desert for 3 months to make some money, blowing the engine in my car on the way back home and after 1 year away and travelling 10,000 miles getting pulled over minutes from my home town for having too loud a muffler.

Here’s a list of 5 recent “There’s always somethin’s”

  1. The last bite of my meal ends up on my white shirt and I have a meeting to go to
  2. I put together some knock down furniture and I have a surprisingly large number of extra parts left over
  3. I’m repairing something with 4 screws and I can only get 3 to come out
  4. I can’t find my multi-purpose screwdriver so I go buy one… for the 10th time
  5. I don’t have time for a proper vacation, then find myself down and out with pneumonia for 3 weeks

At the end of the day progress relies on your ability to duck and weave. To understand more about ducking and weaving watch this educational video on the subject 🙂



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